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New appointment system


Jul 2014

Dear Patient,

Historically, we have been very proud to be one of the very few remaining GP surgeries to offer totally Open Access to our patients. The vast majority of other surgeries have moved to an appointment system.

We are very much aware that most of our patients greatly value the Open Access system and are able to see the doctor of their choice by simply turning up at any given surgery.

However, over the past few months, it has become increasingly apparent to the staff and the doctors that the evening surgeries at Llanfaelog have become extremely busy and a lot of patients are being turned away.

It is of concern to the doctors that they may be unable to give the patients sufficient time during the consultation to fully address their needs. This does not help the doctor or the patient.

In an attempt to maintain some Open Access for our patients but to ensure a safe service for all, we have decided to make some fundamental changes to the way we run our surgeries.


We are very keen not to completely lose open surgeries, but are aware than many patients would also like the flexibility of an appointment system – therefore:

All Parc Glas and Gaerwen surgeries will operate in the same way as previously – that is, they will remain as OPEN surgeries and patients can access services as they do now. Llanfaelog surgeries on Monday and Thursday mornings will also remain the same and will be Open Surgeries.

However, evening surgeries at Llanfaelog – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday will become APPOINTMENT ONLY surgeries.

Currently these surgeries are open 4.00 – 6.00. In an attempt to improve patient access – consultations in future will be from 3.30 – 6.00. Hence there will be potentially 4 hours MORE consulting time at Llanfaelog evening surgeries every week.

In order to make full use of the new service, we would ask our patients to appreciate that:

  • When wishing to make an appointment for the Llanfaelog evening surgeries, you can telephone either Llanfaelog, Parc Glas or Gaerwen surgeries.
  • Appointments will only be available for booking 2 WEEKS before the date.
  • Patients turning up to the Llanfaelog evening surgeries will NOT be seen without an appointment.

Thank you for your help & understanding.

Any comments to Ayshea Saleemi, Practice Manager on 01407 840294.